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My Testimonials

  • Phil is very personable, friendly, polite and very easy to get along with. From a training point of view Phil has a great deal of knowledge of his subject and so is able to explain things very well. He is good fun to train with, extremely motivational and always positive and professional, Phil really cares about the progress of the people he trains with.

    Phil is a thoroughly decent guy, totally trustworthy and honest. I would not hesitate for a second to recommend him as a personal trainer to anyone.

    I always enjoy training with Phil, he is incredibly motivational great fun to work with and he really cares about you, how your feeling and whether you are happy with everything. Phil’s commitment, professionalism and knowledge of his chosen field would make him an asset to anyone looking for a Personal Trainer.

    Anna Claffey, West Bergholt

  • Philip makes you feel confident and at ease which I feel is important when asking for help and advice. He explains without sounding patronising and I never feel paranoid asking simple questions. Another key quality is his patience and even temperament. He takes his time and each question and exercise is thought about before being answered and demonstrated. The information given is explained simply and clearly.

    Phillip is one of these lucky people who has found what he loves to do and I am very fortunate to know him. You can see his passion and determination, which has personally made me want not only to do it for myself but for him too. I have known Phillip for a long while now, and have found his passion and dedication to running and all round health and fitness to be inspiring.

    Steve Brown, London

  • I have thoroughly enjoyed training with Phil over the last 2 years. His quiet determination in raising my fitness levels and encouragement in overcoming psychological blocks has been reflected in my performances both inside and outside of the gym.

    Phil seems to have endless reserves of patience which together with his quiet sense of humour has helped me over obstacles in training and through injuries. He has been able to keep my workouts interesting and varied which has stopped me getting bored and losing interest.

    Over the last few months Phil has reintroduced me to running, something that I never thought I would want to do again. We have run outside on roads, through the country park and also on the treadmill. His enthusiasm has helped me progress and I now belong to a running club and have been running in a cross country league this winter.

    In the last 12 months I have trained for and completed a cycling challenge across Mexico; a Lands End to John O Groats cycle ride and I also trekked to the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro.

    I would recommend anyone that feels that their training may be in a bit of a rut or who is thinking of taking up the ‘get fit’ challenge to contact Phil. He has made me raise my expectations of myself and supported me throughout.

    Jeanette Hartley

    Jeanette Hartley, Colchester

  • As well as working as a Personal Trainer for Inspiring Fitness, Phil also works as a Personal Trainer from Top Notch Health Club Colchester. Having been a member of Top Notch myself for over a year now, Phil has written several training programs for me. He always listens to my goals and devises an easy to follow program for me. Phil clearly demonstrates all the exercises and then watches me to make sure I have the right technique. He also shows me ways to develop the exercises to make them progressive this ensures I am always challenging myself!

    His enthusiasm for his job is really motivating. He is always approachable and offers me advice whenever I need a little help or guidance with my training.

    Phil has a real passion and talent for running. Being a keen runner myself I find this really inspiring. He has given me advice on running technique, nutrition and injuries! He has also taken me on some challenging training runs and shown me some speed interval sessions for the treadmill. He is always interested to hear how my races are going, offering praise when I have a good race or run a new PB but he is also there with encouragement and advice when I am not running so well or recovering from an injury.

    I would highly recommend a personal training session with Phil. He is a friendly and approachable person who cares a great deal for his clients. His knowledge and expertise is second to none."

    Laura Shewbridge, Colchester

  • If you are looking for a personal trainer to take you to the next level, offer advice and give you confidence in your own ability then Phil Munro is the trainer for you.

    I have always been reasonably fit and active, I have run a couple of marathons in the past and worked with other personal trainers (who were also good) but I had a target to run a sub 3.30hrs marathon against my previous PB of 3.45hrs.

    When I started working with Phil at the end of 2011 he took an interest in what I had done before and tried to identify what I needed to change to achieve my goal. Very quickly he changed some of my training and produced a specific training schedule that would improve my speed and fitness. We agreed to have a training session every 2/3 weeks (due to my work commitments) and he was always interested to hear how the training was going and offer advice. Whilst most of the training took place in the gym he was happy to come out on training runs with me. The training sessions were always varied and challenging.

    I achieved my target by running 3hrs 27mins at the Edinburgh Marathon in May 2012 which I put down to all the support I have received from Phil. I will certainly be continuing to work with Phil to achieve my next target of a sub 3.15hrs marathon.

    Ross Dingwall, Colchester

  • I have only known Phil for a short period of time now, and I am very impressed. He has time to listen and to give out good advice. He is very approachable and friendly and suggests some good meal ideas on eating healthy which has really helped me. They are very filling and I am never hungry in between meals. Phil has also given me a good exercise routine.

    Since I have been starting the healthy eating and exercises with Phil, I have lost, so far 1 stone and 1lb. Phil is always giving me lots of encouragement and always there to give suggestions which has really been useful and he certainly knows what he is talking about. I would recommend anyone wanting to lose weight and get some help and advice, to see Phil, he will help you through it, every step of the way. Thanks Phil, keep up the good work.

    Jenny Baker, Colchester

    Jenny Baker, Colchester

  • I've been training with Phil for a number of years now. I first started regularly training with Phil while trying to lose weight for my wedding & I couldn't be happier with the results we achieved. Not only did Phil help me to reach my target weight, we went beyond meaning I had to reorder my suit!

    Phil's training sessions are always fun, stimulating & ultimately rewarding plus his help on nutrition has completely changed the way I look at food, making keeping the weight off a much easier task.

    Whether your looking to improve your race time, trying to lose weight or simply want to get more active Phil will help you achieve your goals.

    Kent Stabler, Colchester

  • I have been running with Phil for a while now, after meeting him at Topnotch gym where he leads a weekly running group.

    I have found his advice on running very helpful and as a result have set PB's at half marathon and 10k distance, I am currently training for a marathon and have found the weekly running sessions very helpful in building my endurance and the varied stretches he has taught me have also helped with my recovery after long training runs.

    Phil is very motivational and I always seem to find a bit more with his encouragement !!!

    Adam King, Colchester

  • Phil has given me the knowledge I needed to eat healthily and therefore live healthily.

    When we 1st met I told him I just wanted to walk up a flight of stairs without almost passing out and with the daily exercises and walking 3 times a week I can run up the stairs and still stand up right.

    He is very encouraging and understanding and he doesn't make you fell less than you are even if you feel it some days.

    I will recommend Phil every chance get!!

    Vanessa Blake-Brown, Ipswich