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Healthy movement matters for Weight Loss, Looking Good and Feeling Great

"Phils brill. With Phils Help I have lost weight and toned up. He is very patient and always encourages me, even when sometimes I haven't had the best week. I highly recommend him as a personal trainer. Thanks Phil! Jenny Wilson (September 2016)

Healthy movement, looking and feeling better and body confidence often wrongly makes us think of extreme exercis, intense fitness regimes, drastic diets for weight loss, and expecting to be able to fit it all in without really having the time in our day.

This can lead to frustration as I've mentioned on my previous page, and lack of consistent success.

Is this you?

We are all born to move freely and lightly but we have stopped moving in this way, so much so, that the norm is to sit too much, in our cars, at desks, and even at home in order to relax. This equals sore knees stiff backs and an inability to run around with family and up and down stairs without losing breath and feeling aches.

Is this you?

If these points resonate with you then it may be a time to do something different.

Are you as healthy as you could, can be, want to be?

The quality of your movement, the strength of your body and how light responsive and agile you are will be so so important for giving you confidence and a quality of life that you never thought possible again. How we feel within ourselves and how we move can change everything.

The funny thing though? We don't only need special workouts for all of this. Classes and special fancy looking plans are nothing magic. We don't need all this to run, throw, kick, cycle, swim, dance, walk, play our favourite sport, squat, push, pull, rotate.

The more we move the better our bodies will feel and our brain will function.

Today, just go out and do your favourite activity/exercise. Discover more about what you enjoy.

Today, look to move well and feel better so that you are more able to achieve your weightloss and fitness goals with less stress and minimal frustration

Today, feel amazing, feel confident and just do something fun, for you!

Here at Inspiring Fitness I come to you so you can find out how to do all of this, whilst also understanding simple nutrition for body boosting energy giving tasty healthy choices, that you like!

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Background And Qualifications

I am a Level 3 Personal Trainer and Advanced Fitness Instructor, I also have Qualifications in:

Nutrition and Weight Management

Core Strength and Stability

Training in alternative environments(home, work, outdoors)


Whole Body Vibration Training

Indoor Cycling(spinning)


I am a member of the National Registration of Exercises Professionals (NRPT) and carry a current first aid certificate.

Feel free to contact me today, for a free no obligation consultation:

Tel: 07766717586